The ezAFM is for student laboratories, high schools, nanotechnology educations and basic research with its compact, high stability, user-friendly design.


The ezSTM is an all new Scanning Tunneling Microscope which features excellent performance while being remarkably affordable.

High Performance AFM/MFM (hpAFM)

hpAFM offers excellent features such as alignment free design, closed loop flexure scanner, decoupled z scanner, 10 MP video microscope and flexible operating modes.

3D-Scanning Hall Probe Microscopy

3D-Scanning Hall Probe Microscopy at nanometer scale: measure Bx, By, & Bz simultaneously. A unique quantitative and non-invasive instrument to image 3D surface magnetic fields at nanometer scale.


The Nanomaniplator is a specialized nanorobot and microscopic viewing system for working with objects on an extremely small scale.

ACS / Booth# 217

April 2 - April 6