LT – Microscopy

Similar to above mentioned properties, these microscopes are engineered to work under extremely low temperatures (˂10mK) and high magnetic fields (˃20T). We customize our products to fit in to our customers` existing cryostats or dilution fridges. Turnkey solutions are also available. They are mostly used for magnetic or superconducting material studies.

Ambient SPMs

This microscope family is used to measure various surface properties of materials and widely used in science and technology applications. They are complementary to the traditional optical and electron microscopes and have extensive applications beyond simple surface topography measurements.

These group of products are design for electric transport and magnetic properties measurements. Measurements like, Hall Effect, Van der Pauw, 2-4 contact resistivity, angle depended resistivity, and susceptibility etc. can be performed. Various units allows the user to compose the proper measurement setup for exact needs. Each unit is also configurable internally. Systems have their own dedicated automation software written in Labview. Our products in this group are; Hall Effect Measurement System (HEMS) with electromagnet, table top HEMS unit (ezHEMS), 4 Point IV Measurement Setup, Variable Sample Magnetometer (VSM), Vertical (Swedish) Sample Rotator, Horizontal Sample Rotator, AC Sussceptometer