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Low Temperature AFM/MFM

low temperature microscopy
low temperature afm

The LT-AFM/MFM is an alignment-free Atomic Force Microscopy system equipped with a Fibre Interferometer operating at 1310 nm, 15 fm/√Hz noise level with an operation range of 20mK-300K, and up to 16T magnetic field.

The alignment-free design creates an user friendly utilization; the Fibre Interferometer carries the light by means of a fibre cable with respect to the end of the cantilever, and is used to measure the deflection of the cantilever;

Meanwhile providing a 10nm magnetic resolution at 4K. Alignment chips with three protrusions compatible with commercial cantilevers eliminate the need of optical alignment by the end user.

The LT-AFM/MFM allows the characterization of materials by offering various imaging modes; Scanning Hall Probe Microscopy, Magnetic Force Microscopy, Electric Force Microscopy, Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy, Conductive AFM.

The instrumentation and the unique design of the LT-AFM/MFM microscope allows it to be customized for different cryostat dimensions.

The microscope head consists of two concentrical piezotubes; the inner piezo tube for scanning and the outer for sample positioning.

The scanning piezo is composed of quadrant electrodes and a dither piezo to dither the cantilever and comes with three different options upon request.

The sample approach is done by a stick-slip motion; allowing 10mm motion in Z and Ø3mm in XY, with a sensitivity of 50nm.

Electronic signals are generated by the powerful LT-AFM/MFM elctronic via BNC outputs; transferred to the microscope through LEMO connections.

MFM image result
Garnet Single Crystal at 150 mK
12 µm x 12 µm
low temperature afm image results
ITO Thin Film in Tapping Mode and the Crossection

Scan Head Options

Ultra Large Area
200x200x7.2μm @ 300K
50x50x4.8μm @77K
30x30x2.4μm @4.2K
Large Area
150x150x7μm @ 300K
36x36x1.8μm @77K
18x18x0.8μm @4.2K
Standard Area
52x52x4.8μm @ 300K
14x14x1.2μm @77K
6x6x0.5μm @4.2K