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Low Temperature
Scanning Hall Probe Microscopy &
Scanning Tunneling Microscopy

scanning hall probe microscopy result
Temp: 21 mK
LiHoF Sample
18 µm x 18 µm


With the help of a micron-sized semiconductor Hall sensor probe, our LT-SHPM enables user to map the surface Hall voltage V H as a function of position, which directly gives the spatial distribution of the local magnetic induction.

SHPM systems provides a resolution of ~1 μm imaging with high magnetic field sensitivity. Unlike the magnetic force microscope the SHPM provides direct quantitative information on the magnetic materials without destructing samples. The SHPM can also image magnetic induction under applied fields up to ~16 tesla and over a wide range of temperatures (millikelvins to 300 K). Together with Hall probes, this microscope can be used with STM and QTF probes to conduct Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Imaging and Non-Contact Mode Atomic Force Microscopy Imaging with Quartz Tuning Fork probes.


The LT-STM operates down to 10 mK and provides an atomic resolution. We can adapt the LT-STM system to your available cryostat system and customize it’s design due to your requirements.

Get in touch for more details regarding the low temperature scanning tunneling microscopy technique and our solutions.

low temperature scanning tunneling microscope
Scanning Tunneling Micrscopy insert
scanning tunneling microscopy wire probe
Probe of the LT-STM
Atomic resolution with STM mode / Topography
Set-IT: 1nA

Scan Head Options

Ultra Large Area
200x200x7.2μm @ 300K
50x50x4.8μm @77K
30x30x2.4μm @4.2K
Large Area
150x150x7μm @ 300K
36x36x1.8μm @77K
18x18x0.8μm @4.2K
Standard Area
52x52x4.8μm @ 300K
14x14x1.2μm @77K
6x6x0.5μm @4.2K