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Ultra Low Noise LT-AFM with Fabry-Perot Interferometer

The new fiber Fabry-Pérot interferometer integrated to our low temperature atomic force/magnetic force microscope (LT-AFM/MFM) is operating in the 4–300 K temperature range. A multilayer dielectric mirror coated optical fiber is used to achieve unprecedented 1 fm/√Hz noise level, while the shot noise limit is 0.51 fm/√Hz. The cavity length is adjustable, and
the fiber can be brought within a very close proximity of the cantilever using a dedicated 2 mm stroke piezonanopositioner integrated on the piezotube scanner. The same nanopositioner also is used to park the fiber at a safe parking location during cantilever exchange.

Scan Head Options

Ultra Large Area
200x200x7.2μm @ 300K
50x50x4.8μm @77K
30x30x2.4μm @4.2K
Large Area
150x150x7μm @ 300K
36x36x1.8μm @77K
18x18x0.8μm @4.2K
Standard Area
52x52x4.8μm @ 300K
14x14x1.2μm @77K
6x6x0.5μm @4.2K