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ezAFM and ezAFM+ are the compact atomic foce microscopy series of NanoMagnetics Instruments. This compact AFM is affordable, can operate electrical modes for example KPFM, SSRM and EFM as well as Liquid mode in addition we can combine it with the commercially available inverted light microscopes.
Furthermore we offer now the ezAFM with our motorized sample stage so you can easily control your system in a glovebox.

The ezAFM is a robust, compact Atomic Force Microscopy system which capable of providing high resolution images. The ezAFM is versatile and has numerous applications in materials science, biology, chemistry, physics, industrial and aerospace research. While Ease-of-use and pricing make it ideal for high school and university teaching laboratories, the capabilities and performance of the ezAFM have attracted more advanced users from some of the more important international institutes, universities and industrial laboratories as well.

The ezAFM operates in Dynamic Mode, Contact Mode, Lateral Force Microscopy, Magnetic Force Microscopy and Liquid Mode. User may purchase a system with one standard scan mode or optionally up to a maximum of 5 scan modes.  These additional modes can be purchased later, if needed.  When purchased, the ezAFM package typically includes a controller, scan head, vibration isolation unit, laptop, user tool kit and a cantilever starter pack.  Users may install the system by following simple plug and play instructions as described in the manual.  Software installation and system tests are made from remote by our ezAFM-Application Scientists. Installation is followed by some training in making simple measurements.


We have started to develop our first low temperature scanning probe microscopy systems in 1998. With the 23 years full of experience we are providing today milli Kelvin microscopes with cutting edge technology.
•Raman integration
•Nitrogen-vacancy center (NV-Center)
•Near-field scanning optical microscope (SNOM)
•Confocal AFM
•Scanning Hall Probe Microscopy (SHPM)
•AFM, STM and many more

Hall Effect Measurement Systems

ezHEMS is our table-top hall effect measurement system. It provides mid-range resistance measurements (1 Ohm to 10 Mega Ohm) with two magnetics field options (0.6T or 1.0T). The system is able to do automatic measurements from 80K to 800K temperature and it sweeps the magnetics field automatically as well.

The HEMS has an integrated hardware and software system designed to measure and analyze the electronic properties of samples.
The system design offers the possibility to take measurements under the magnetic field up to 2.5 Tesla.
At the same time, the system offers the opportunity to take measurements in the range of 3K-1273K with 2 different temperature measuring heads, while it provides an easy assembly of samples related to the probe system that can move in 3 different axes.
NMI – Hall Effect Measurement System (HEMS) device Performs electrical characterization of semiconductor, organic conductor and metal oxide materials. These materials developed with nanotechnology methods are used in the development of chip technology, the development of solar cells, the development of material science, space technology, defense industry.

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vibrating sample magnetometer with electromagnet

Vibrating Sample Magnetometer

NMI Vibrating Sample Magnetometer combines high sensitivity (5e-7 emu), excellent repeatability and simple handling. NMI-VSM is designed with an ergonomic design and software that facilitates the researcher’s use. VSM Drive Head is designed for easy and simple replacement of samples.
High Measuring Range
Temperature options include a cryostat, high-temperature oven, and single stage variable temperature insert. The combined temperature range of the options is 2 K to 1000 K. The magnetic field with electromagnet is 2.5T, with the combination of cryostat, the magnetic field would be up to 14T.


The instrumentation and the unique design of the NanoPositioner allows it to be customized for different cryostat dimensions.With 15 mm or 21.6 mm outside diameter
Operates down to 10 mK
Capacitive position sensor with 2μm resolution
High vacuum operation
Motion in XY: 5 mm & Z: 10 mm

nano positioner

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Founded in 1998, NanoMagnetics Instruments (NMI) has gradually evolved into one of the world’s leading manufacturer of Scanning Probe Microscopes (SPMs) and measurement systems for a variety of fields of science and technology. A dedicated team of innovative scientists and engineers empower us to design, build and supply a range of scientific equipment from compact, easy to use instrumentation to state-of-the-art systems for customers in research, manufacturing and education establishments worldwide.

Our product portfolio is mainly composed of:

Ambient Scanning Probe Microscopes – Atomic Force Microscopes, Scanning Tunneling Microscopes
Low Temperature Microscopes – RAMAN, SNOM, NV-Center, SHPM, STM, AFM etc.
Controller & Standalone Electronics – SPM Controller, Gaussmeter, 4-point probe etc.
Measurement & Characterization Systems – Hall Effect Measurement Systems, Vibrating Sample Magnetometers etc.
Custom Manufactured Systems & Parts – Electromagnets