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Who We Are

Founded in 1998, NanoMagnetics Instruments (NMI) has gradually evolved into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Scanning Probe Microscopes (SPMs) and measurement systems for a variety of scientific and technological fields. Within this scope NMI introduces, markets and sells its products worldwide with the support of
many distribution partners situated at key locations almost at every continent around
the globe. With a team of more than 60 personnel; each of whom are highly accomplished
experts in their own right; all of our system design, development, manufacturing,
assembly, integration and testing are done in-house. Whether it’s a simple standard
off-the shelf unit or a customized solution, at NMI, we strive to satisfy our customer’s

Parallel Lines

Our Portfolio

Ambient Scanning Probe Microscopes

This microscope family is used to measure various surface properties of materials and widely used in science and technology applications. It is also possible to inspect samples under various atmospheric conditions, especially needed for biological applications. Our products classified in this category are ezAFM, ezSTM, hpAFM, AFM+, Ambient AFM and RT-SHPM.

Low Temperature Microscopes

These microscopes are engineered to work under extremely low temperatures (˂10mK) and high magnetic fields (˃20T). We customize our products to fit in to our customers` existing cryostats or dilution fridges. Turnkey solutions are also available. They are mostly used for magnetic or superconducting material studies. 

Controller & Standalone Electronics

The electronic control and signal processing requirements possessed by our products, gave us the distinctive capability of analog and digital design. The controllers we use with our systems and emerged components can be used independently for different purposes. USB PLL, USB Interferometer, Gaussmeter and SPM Controllers belong to this product group. 

Measurement & Characterization Systems

These group of products are design for electric transport and magnetic properties measurements. Measurements like, Hall Effect, Van der Pauw, 2-4 contact resistivity, angle depended resistivity, and susceptibility etc. can be performed. Various units allows the user to compose the proper measurement setup for exact needs. Each unit is also configurable internally. Systems have their own dedicated automation software written in Labview. Our products in this group are; Hall Effect Measurement System (HEMS) with electromagnet, table top HEMS unit (ezHEMS), 4 Point IV Measurement setup, Variable Sample Magnetometer (VSM), Vertical (Swedish) Sample Rotator, Horizontal Sample Rotator, AC Sussceptometer

Custom Manufactured Systems & Parts

The know-how on electro-mechanical systems, low temperature system, ultra-high vacuum systems, measurement and manipulation, and probe microscopy give us the background to design, simulate, manufacture and integrate for any special requirement. From a simple part to a complex system we will be at your service.

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