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hpSPM Controller

hpSPM Controller

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State of the art FPGA based controller for Scanning Probe Microscopes

<p class="font_8">The control electronics can operate a scanning probe microscope in STM and AFM modes. The electronics unit is housed in a 3U high case frame and can accommodate 13 off 220x100mm size 30mm wide Eurocard modules. The modules are connected to each other via a low-noise bus at the backplane. The electronics is based on State of the Art FPGA based DSP Technology and connected to the PC with fast 480Mbps USB2.0 interface. composed of power supply, Digital Feedback controller, 24 Bit scan DACs, 24Bit A/D card , 8-channel 24 Bit DAC, 3-Channel HV amps, Motorised stage drivers, and 8 Channel 24 Bit Spare AD cards. The user can access to all signals to and from SPM controller. Electronics unit includes all the necessary cables. A unique and flexible software written in C# running under 64bit Windows 10 with SPM Control Electronics that provides various scientific solutions for all kinds of SPM users.</p>

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