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mK-CONFOCAL/RAMAN MICROSCOPE (mK-CFM/RAMAN) | Low Temperature Microscope

0.82 NA / 0.95mm WD Low Temperature Compatible Objective

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mK-Confocal/Raman Microscope (mK-CFM/Raman)

Product Specifications

• 0.82 NA / 0.95mm WD Low Temperature APO Objective

• 10mK-300K Temperature Range

• Magnetic Fields Up to 31 Tesla

System Specifications

Scan range: 50x50x25μm @ 300K / 30x30x15μm @4K

Sample Approach: 6x6x12mm XYZ range with 50 - 700nm step size

Closed Loop Operation: Resistive encoder with 200nm resolution

Fine Scanning Range: 7.5μm @300K / 1μm @4.2K

Sample Size: 10×10×5mm maximum

Sample Holder: 8 pin connections for experiments

Temperature Range: 10mK-300K (Limited by the cryogenic system)

Magnetic Field: up to 31T

Operation: Vacuum or exchange gas environment

Compatibility: Compatible with most cryostats & Dilution Refrigerators with 50mm Cold bore

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