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The continued reliance on liquid helium involves complex logistics, exorbitant costs, and uncertain supply. As a result, closed-cycle cryostats are rising in popularity across all fields that need measurements at low or fluctuating temperatures.

NanoMagnetics Instruments offers cryogen-free cryostats with unequaled and confirmed low mechanical vibrations, unheard-of low acoustic noise levels, and outstanding temperature stability with our cryogen-free cryostat. As a result, cryostats are particularly beneficial for scientific tasks like microscopy and optical spectroscopy as well as transport studies.

This cryogen free cryostat integrated variable temperature insert controls sample temperature from 1.3K to 300K. Simultaneous control of applied magnetic field up to 14 Tesla - all without the need for any liquid cryogens and using a single cryocooler.

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The Ultra Low Vibration Cryogen Free Cryostat, which sits at the top of our line of top-loading, closed-cycle cryostats, offers a constant base temperature of 1.4K, automated temperature & magnetic field control from 1.4K to 300K, and your choice of superconducting magnet. With outstanding temperature stability, it even enables field cooling of samples without the use of liquid helium and complete magnetic field even at 300K. For any low temperature investigation, such as magnetotransport measurements, confocal microscopy & spectroscopy, or scanning probe microscopy, it is thus the perfect option for your variable temperature cryostat.

Our Ultra Low Vibration Cryogen Free Cryostat was created with the goal of providing a cryogenic scanning probe experiment with an ultra-low vibration measuring platform without the need of liquid helium. Mechanical vibrations produced by the pulse-tube coldhead are separated from the measuring platform thanks to a unique design.

Technical Specs:

• Up to 14.0 Tesla Magnetic Field

• Aluminum cryostat compatible with the 14T solenoid superconducting magnet.

• Temperature range 1.3K to 300K

• Sample size up to 49mm

• Pulse Tube Cryocooler with low vibration & Helium compressor

• A top-loading VTI is integrated into the cryostat/cryocooler assembly for user access to the high field region of the magnet.

• 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12 and 14 Tesla Magnetic field options

• 6-1-1 and 9-1-1 Tesla Vector Rotate Magnet options

• 0.1% field homogeneity over 1cm DSV.

• HTS Current leads

• Electronically controlled Helium gas with a MFC (Mass Flow Controller)

• Vacuum Pump for Helium gas flow

• Temperature controller & 7 Channel Temperature monitor

• Superconducting Magnet Power Supply

• Compressor

• Electronics cabinet

• Computer and Control Software

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