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Compact Scanning Tunneling Micrscopy

compact scanning tunneling microscopy

Scanning Tunneling Microscope is a device to scan conductive sample surfaces at the atomic scale. Quantum tunneling leads the STM theory. Conductive tip reaches to the conductive sample surface with a bias Voltage, and electrons can be tunneled between the sample and tip. As a result of this, tunnel current is occurred.
The ezSTM is a compact Scanning Tunneling Microscope System which provides excellent performance through all of these steps above. Besides its high performance, it is remarkably affordable as well. ezSTM is ideal for student laboratories, high schools, nanotechnology educations and basic researches with its compact, high stability and user-friendly design. ezSTM can be setup in 5 minutes, and after installation you are ready to explore atoms in minutes with ezSTM. Atomic resolution is obtained by ezSTM with high performance.

All ezSTM components which is controller, ezSTM scanner head, vibration isolation apparatus and laptop are included inside of the small suitcase. From the beginning, power cable, 2 USB cables and head cable are plugged and the user-friendly software is opened to start measurements. All of the software installation process are made by the ezSTM-Application Scientists of Nanomagnetics Instruments. After installation, you are ready to take measurements at an atomic resolution with the easy use of software interface.

ezSTM Design

The flexible design of the ezSTM allows to replace/move the scan head easily, and it provides easy usage for customers with the small footprint by an ultimate performance. Because the ezSTM takes a small space, and does not heavy, it can be transport easily.
Pt/Ir wire which is more simple and harmless than tip etching by dangerous chemicals is cut as a tip for scanning, and tip replacement is very simple which makes the ezSTM user-friendly. NanoMagnetics Instruments provides Pt/Ir wire in the ezSTM system User Kit for the customers.
Side view camera is located on the ezSTM scanner head, and it is useful to observe the sample, tip and the movement. The movement is done by ultrasonic motors. Also, maximum scan area of the ezSTM is 1x1x0.5 um. After all steps, you will be able to scan at the atomic resolution for your samples.

Compact Scanning Tunneling Microscope

Current Range 
1 pA-10 nA or 100 pA-100 nA
Current Step 
Size 0.1 pA 0.1 Pa
Scan Range 
0.5×0.5×0.2 µm 1x1x0.5 µm
XY Resolution 
1 pm 1 pm
Z Resolution 
0.5 pm 0.5 pm
Imaging Modes 
Constant current, constant height Constant current, constant height
Current-Voltage Current-Distance
Tip Voltage 
±15V in 300 µV steps ±15V in 300 µV steps
Sample Approach 
Ultrasonic motors Ultrasonic motors
XY coarse sample positioning 
Up to 5 mm Up to 5 mm
Sample Thickness 
Up to 15 mm Up to 15 mm
Side View Video Camera 
2 MP CMOS, LED iluminated 2 MP CMOS, LED iluminated
Focus and Zoom Manual Focus and 5X Digital Zooming Manual Focus and 5X Digital Zooming
24 Bit ADCs/DACs 24 Bit ADCs/DACs
Digital Feedback 
Imaging Processing 
Simultaneous scan of 6 channels @ 4096×4096 pixels Simultaneous scan of 6 channels @ 4096×4096 pixels
USB interface
Power Requirements 
100-240, 50/60 Hz, 50 W 100-240, 50/60 Hz, 50 W
User License