compact hall effect measurement system

Compact Hall Effect Measurement System

The ezHEMS systems have an integrated hardware and software system designed to measure and analyze the electronic properties of samples.

The ezHEMS device, a more portable version of HEMS (Hall Effect Measurement System) devices used worldwide.

Due to the system design, there are two different magnetic field options with permanent magnets.

Permanent-magnet based configurations provide fields to 0.6T or fields to 1T available in the standard system.

The system include “Low temperature measuring head-LT”, “High Temperature Measuring Head-HT” and “Room Temperature Head-RT”  between 4K and 800K temperatures.

The design of the low temperature measuring head enables the cooling process to be taken at a lower cost by using liquid nitrogen (LN2 / no cryogen-free).

At the same time the system include the specimen area that is easily positioned into the system with the 3-dimensional moving probe system inside the measurement head.

hall effect measurement systems
hall effect measurement system controller

The controller of the system is designed for easy and precise operation in the current range of +/- 2nA to +/- 20mA.

Through to the design, all connections can be made between the system parts with two cables with connector terminals, and only one USB cable is required between the system and the computer.

The LabView-based software of the ezHEMS device enables smooth operation on the Windows ® operating system.


Carrier Concentration : 107 – 1021 cm-3
Mobility : 1 – 107 cm2/V.s
Current : ±2nA to ±20mA
Resistivity : 10-4 – 109 Ω.cm
Temperature Range : 4K – 800K
Magnetic field options : 0.6 T / 1.0 T / ±1.0 T(adjustable)